My name is Kelly Papotto an AFAA, ASFA Certified Group and Personal Trainer. Founder of Beyond Gravity Training and Fitness Program Director. I was always involved in competitive sports throughout my school years and I am honored to do what I Enjoy.

Creative, Fun, Safe and Challenging Workouts is Beyond Gravity Training.


Beyond Gravity Training said...

Miss You to Lady. Mondays are great. We are starting new classes this week.

LadyJtalks said...

hey girl, My grand daughter's friend was talking about the new Yoga here in Carolina Forest with a trainer named KELLY we knew it was you and I was going to find out more. The link posted today on the blog didn't go through though. will look forward to finding out more so I can try to get her there. talk soon

LadyJtalks said...

has this been a year already. wow, time just goes fast. I am still not moved in apartment down town. Miss your smile and energy

ernestvill said...

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